Scents Make Sense!

I love essential oils for my home and have been using them for years. I wanted the best quality product, and after researching many different companies, I became a Young Living distributor over three years ago. Young Living is a long standing company with a strong reputation in the industry. I believe essential oils can bring abundant energy into many different areas of your life, even with your beloved fur babies.

Tracy’s Tips

  • I love Lavender and Peace and calming for the bedrooms as well as eucalyptus
  • Peppermint and Clarity are great for when I am working; they uplift and clear my mind.
  • Favorite kitchen scents include Orange, Lemon, Citrus fresh and Rosemary
  • A few of my other favorites include: Sacred Frankincense, Abundance, Joy, Purification and Grapefruit.

In addition to diffusers I use throughout the house, I make sprays for linens, rooms, offices and carry in my purse and car. I purchase glass bottles from Amazon, 5 oz and 2 oz size. Just add filtered water and a few drops of oil, so easy and they make really great personalized gifts. I recently made a stress-away spray for my husband’s office to smooth out those important client work sessions. It helps 🙂

Recently, I began to use some of the oils for cooking, and look forward to learning more about it. If interested in Young Living products, visit the link below to browse their many options. I would be happy to order products for you, or if you would like to become your own distributor, please contact me.


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